Holy One
This is my first inspired poem, written on the back of an envelope.
as a tremendous urgency flowed through to the paper.
Toshkent Uzbekistan 22 May, 1990


Oh Holy One….

Welcome, to the cool blue center of the flame!
Here we are one,
neither possessing nor possessed
Clean hands and a pure heart

Passport to the center of all.
Here there is no compromise.
My pain is your pain, my joy is your joy.
My-pleasure is also your pleasure.

I am from another time, another place.
o come together here we need not travel
In time or space.

Spirits flight is now and here is home.
I know and touch and hold your heart
And you – mine,
And I am free and you are free.

To live this life is to love the Truth of All

To give completely and to receive

Radiant one
You are the water of truth,
The one great spirit,
The abundant Earth,
Fire of Love,
Cycle of life.

This is the truth of who you are,
              YOU ARE LIFE,

Oh, Holy One.


First inspired writing by David Huskey.
Written on 22 May, 1990, 9:30 AM at the tea house
“Chaikhana Salome”, between Tashkent and Ulugbek, Uzbekistan.
The phrase “YOU ARE LIFE” added 7AM on 15 Dec, 2009
and dedicated to an awakening angel.